You are very lucky in that you have three options that you can use at any time!

You have the option of using our online software when you log into our website and/or downloading so that you can use offline and save your builds.

The online Browser version

We purposely created a Lite online version so you can make a quick design or try something out without affecting your full van build in your download software. You will not be able to save your lay outs here as the downloadable v1.2 is the full version with full functionality

You will locate this at and once logged in will be under ACCESS in MY PRODUCTS 

Our original fully loaded v1.2 
In this downloaded version, length, width and height can be changed individually to suit your particular dimensions and so is a more custom software. In this original version you can create any model or fitting that you like.

There are also 3D shapes you can work with if you want to create something completely new, ie, planes, cubes etc... If you want to see the program in action you can go to

You may also find it helpful to watch a video that one of our customers who is living the vanlife has made

Example on screen 

We launched v2.0.1 Beta as a reduced version to iron out any bugs and glitches before the launch of the full v2 which is very close to release.

Example on Screen 


As I am sure that you are aware, It is quite usual to release a Beta version before a full launch so that all issues can be addressed before hand but do not be afraid to use as it is fantastic !


v2 is a fully functional software and you can check out many examples of lay outs created within this version on our Social Media. As v2 is only one update away from becoming a full version we can sneakily let you know what is coming next 

Interactive Furniture

Plumbing and Wiring 
Interactive Front Cabs 

Interactive area outside of van 

Even more features to help you Custom inside and outside 

Many more new Models
Many more new objects for the Item Library 

and much more to be confirmed ..........

We would recommend trying out both of our download versions to see which that you prefer, this article will help you to locate your options.  Where do I download or access the online version?