What can you build? Anything you want ! All you have to do is use your imagination and get some practice using the Gizmo and all of its features.

From main Item Library at the bottom of your screen select

Then select Shapes

You will then have the choice of



Quad (This is Transparent on one side) 


Just select whichever you wish to use and place in your build in the same way you would any other item from the Item Library

You can then use the Gizmo to scale, move and rotate into amazing creations


To change colours of all objects that you place in your layout including the 3D shapes

Changing Materials/Colour for individual Objects

To change the walls and floors of your layout

Paint Van, Custom Floors and Walls, Day Night Mode

The Duplicate features when placing one single object multiple times if to be the exact same dimensions - Number 11

Full Functions walkthrough v2.09


There are many flooring options available to you within the software however sometimes you may want to create something totally unique

A great example below of using the CUBE on a white floor 

1. Select your Base flooring for your layout
2. Using the CUBE create the dimensions required so that it is flat and lay in position, in the example below the first cube is coloured black
3. Use the duplicate feature so that the exact dimensions of your first Cube can be copied, place into position and duplicate again and again where needed
4. Create a second smaller CUBE and place on top, in our example this would then be White - use Duplicate again
5. Repeat above step, in this example this would be coloured black, use Duplicate again 

6. Repeat again, in this example the final CUBE would be White and use Duplicate again

Creating flooring for your shower area (Or any other area you fancy )  is a really easy one

1. Select the CUBE and create to the dimension that you need
2. Place and then select Duplicate
3. Drag your Duplicate and repeat
4. Select the Colour of each individual board

Looks great if not wanting to use a shower tray and creating a wet room, this is also a really good method if wanting to create further wood panelling anywhere else in your layout. 


There are many Tile options for you to choose from within the software so if you want to use one of those options to create a Backsplash or tiled area, this one is easy

1. Select the CUBE or QUAD and adjust to the dimensions that you need to cover the area that you will be 'Tiling"
2. Select your Tile Choice and Colour 

TOP TIP - You could even use one of the walls or doors from the Wall options within your software, great if you want to cover a larger area.

If you do not want to use one of the Tile Options within the software, just create your own !

1. Decide if you want to Tile directly onto a wall or would prefer to place a 'board' first in the area that you will be Tiling, you can do this by using the CUBE, QUAD or even a door or wall from the WALL options within your software.
2. Create the individual Tile by selecting the QUAD or CUBE and adjust to the dimensions that you need
3. Place your first tile and use the Duplicate feature, drag the duplicated tile into place and repeat where needed
4. You can then colour all Tiles individually as needed 


Have a specific appliance in mind? Whilst we offer different options within the software you will at some point want to use our 3D shapes to replicate a specific one that you have in mind.

In the example below we created a Fridge/Freezer using the dimensions of one that could be purchased to fit the exact space needed

1. Using the CUBE create the dimensions needed for the two different components, the bottom Fridge area and the top Freezer area - place in your layout
2. Use the CYLINDER to create the rounded edges. Simply adjust to the height of the Fridge and make as narrow as needed - You can then place on the edge of the area and sink in a little.
3. Use the Duplicate feature to create for the other side and then start the process again for the Freezer area

4. Colour as needed  

The handles were created using 4 CYLINDERS, 3 placed to merge at one end with the final one used vertically. 


There are many different styles of shelving that you can create by using the CUBES if you want straight lines, if you prefer curved edges use the CYLINDERS

Which ever you use make sure to use the Duplicate feature to get your parts of the same dimensions created

1. We started with the ends of the shelves in the example below using the CUBE, adjusted to the dimensions needed and then placed all 8 against the wall
2. We then created the longer components that you can see at the front of the Shelves and using the Duplicate feature created two each of both sizes and put in place
3. Simply coloured to choice, for the white we used the OPAQUE texture and left as white



We have many tips for creating your own furniture as we create our own in every layout that we design to share with you on Social Media

If you spot something within one of our designs and you are unsure how to create just get in contact with us and we can add make sure to cover in this Help Guide 


There will be a few components here that will need to be created, in our example below we have created them with the appearance of being open however you may not need to do this and so the components needed will not be as detailed.

1. You can select an existing cabinet from the software and adjust to your own dimensions, you can then create the Drawer appearance on the front of the object
2. If wanting to build from scratch, start with creating the 'Carcass' of the cabinet using either the CUBE or a wall or door from the WALL section of your Item Library

3. You can then be as detailed as you like however if keeping it simple and giving the appearance of closed drawers, use the CUBE to create the drawer front to the dimensions that you need
4. If wanting all drawers to be the same size use the Duplicate feature for ease
5. If wanting different sizes create the drawer front individually
6. Colour as you need 

7. We created the handles below using CYLINDERS 


You may want to create more traditional units with the rounded edgings so we recommend if possible to begin with an existing item from the Library and add to with your shapes 

This example has been created using floor and wall cupboards found in the item Library then built upon using the Cubes and the Cylinders, 

1. Use a ready made base unit from the Item Library if wanting the main unit to have straight lines.
2. Use the Cylinders to create the rounded edges, these are also great to 'squash' to create the rounded side panels 
3. Use the Cubes to create additional Cupboard shapes if needed or if if wanting like the image below, use the Cylinders in their side to give the rounded effect. 

4. Use the Duplicate feature where parts of the same dimensions will be needed. 
5. For rounded worktops again use the Cylinders flattened.